Save time & money with the Mojo Impact Appointment Reminder System

Every cancellation… Every no-show costs you

Reduce no-shows by 60% with automated text, email, and phone calls from the Mojo Impact Appointment Reminder system

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Why use an appointment reminder system?

Fill Cancellations Fast

Last minute cancellations are costly unless that time can be re-booked. Our Fill Fast feature fills a suddenly empty slot automatically. Simply add clients eager to see you to your waitlist. When there’s a cancellation Mojo Impact AR sends a message to everyone on the waitlist so you quickly refill the open timeslot.

Reduce No-Shows

Most no-shows occur because customers forget they have an appointment! And let’s face it, doing reminders manually is a chore. Instead automatically remind customers by text, phone, or email — however they prefer — to save time and hassle.  Remember too, every reminder lets them confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment.

ROI Driver

Do you know what a missed appointment really costs you? Find out with our ROI driver. Discover the total revenue you make from your successful appointments. Knowing your numbers allows you to constantly improve your business flow.

Recurring Messages

What encourages repeat visits? Hands down it’s a superior customer experience. Keep your clients engaged with messages, reminders and VIP offers. Perhaps a monthly massage, or their quarterly oil change. With our recurring feature, you can schedule special dates, and let our system send clients automated text/email/and phone messages!

Broadcaster - Instantly Reach All of Your Customers

Do you have special offers, coupons, or special message you want to send out quickly to ALL our customers? With our broadcast feature, you can easily send a personalized message to all your contacts at the push of a button.

2-Way Communication

It’s easy to respond to your customers too. Either from the AR platform or have notifications sent to your phone. With our 2-way communication feature, you can deepen customer relationships because they will appreciate the fact they can speak with a real person!

Custom Messaging

Do you want personalized messages based on the services you offer? That’s easy! We can structure specific messaging for each service so you can truly customize the experience for your customers.

Birthday Messages

Nothing says ‘we care’ like sending a personal message on your customers birthday, anniversary or other special date. Automatically send a personalized message — perhaps with a coupon — to your customers on their special day. Birthday messages are the perfect way to deepen customer relationships!

How It Works

Schedule an Appointment

It can be a one-time or a recurring.

Reminders Received

Your client will get an automated text message and/or email, and/or phone call reminder automatically

They Show Up!

Increase your show rate and decrease costs because your staff can focus on delivering an outstanding experience

See how the Appointment Reminder works

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